2012 TBR Challenge

Monthly Review Dates And Theme Suggestions

January 18
- Category romance 
February 15
- Recommended Read (something recommended by a fellow reader)
March 21
- Series Catch-Up (pick a book from a series you're behind on)
April 18
- New-To-You Author
May 16
- Old School (Publication date prior to 2000 - that's over 10 years ago now! Yikes!)
June 20
- Western (Contemporary or historical)
July 18
- How Did This Get Here? (a book you can't remember how/why you put in your TBR!)
August 15
- Steamy reads (Erotic romance, erotica, something spicy!)
September 19
- Other genre besides romance
October 17
- Paranormal or romantic suspense
November 21
- All About The Hype (a book that created such chatter that it was inescapable).
December 19
- Holiday themes (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, it's all good!)

                 Recommended by a friend on facebook 

                    Third book in Rogues of the Sea series

April -- A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean (Avon - Mar 2012) 


  1. So do you keep up with anything on paper, like in a notebook or calendar or anything? Or just through internet/blog/etc.?


  2. My main "tracker" is a program called BookCAT (http://www.fnprg.com/bookcat/) which I have been using for several years, which I love. I also use: Goodreads, librarything, shelfari, and fictiondb online plus my blog for reviews and challenges. With as much as I read (600+ books a year) a notebook would just be too hard.