Battle of the Bands Challenge

 Battle of the Bands - Quarterly Challenge
Duration: 15 May – 14 August 2012

This quarterly challenge is a Battle of the Bands! The categories are based on bands or musicians.

Join up to read 10, 15 or 20 books over the next 90 days.

1. Stone Temple Pilots - A book with an archeological setting, involves a temple, or has a main character that is a pilot.

2. Alice in Chains - A main character, the title or author’s name starts with A, or a bondage/ S&M/erotica story.

3. Kings of Leon - A book with a main character that is a royal figure or involves some sort or battle/war.

4. Black Eyed Peas - A story that has a chef, baker, food critic, or restaurant owner as the main character or the story takes place in Louisiana.

5. Disturbed - A character that is crazy, a thriller, or takes place in a hospital.

6. Green Day - A book that has the word green in the title, has a green cover, or takes place in Ireland.

7. Incubus - A book with an incubus, dreams, obsession, or supernatural sci-fi.

8. Jane’s Addiction - A main character, the title or author’s name starts with J, or a character with some sort of addiction.

9. Muse - A book that involves some sort of connection to Greek mythology, a character that inspires someone to be a better person, or a character that is some sort of artist.

10. Paramore - A historical book involving a paramour/mistress or a contemporary book involving an adulterous affair.

11. Rage Against the Machine - A book with a political setting, mystery, or a male character who works in public service/law enforcement.

12. Sublime - A book with a beautiful cover or a synopsis that sounds awe-inspiring.

13. The White Stripes - A predominately white cover, cover with white lettering, or a character that is an ex-convict or spy.

14. Big Time Rush - Read a young adult novel or a book about a single mom or dad.

15. Jack Johnson - Read a book that takes place in the summer, at the beach, at a lake, or a chick-lit book.

16 - 20. Bonus Books

16. B*Witched - read a book that has magic or witches/wizards.

17. Carbon Leaf - a book with an outdoor theme, or scientist as a character. 

18.  Alabama - a book that takes place in the South 

19.  The Beach Boys - a book that takes place near a beach or in California. 

20.  The Osmonds - a book that takes place in Utah or has a large family. 


Start with the 15 bands listed above, then mix and match with the 5 band bonus option. You can pick 10 bands out of the 15 choices, choose all 15 choices, or go for 20 by reading all 15 and creating your own 5 bonus bands. If choosing 10 bands, two of them may be bonus picks and if choosing 15 bands, three of them may be bonus picks.

4.  Real Men Will - Victoria Dahl (HQN - Nov 2011) 05/28/2012 (brewery/brewpub)
5.  Live Ammo - Joanna Wayne (HI #1361 - July 2012) 07/17/2012 (drug crazed man)
6.  All for You - Lynn Kurland (Jove - May 2012) 08/08/2012 (green cover)
12.  The Last Boyfriend - Nora Roberts (Berkley - May 2012) 05/29/2012 (beautiful cover)

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