Romance Lovers Quarterly Challenge

Romance Lovers Quarterly Challenge
August 15, 2012 - November 15th, 2012

We are a Romance Reading group so how about a Romance challenge? Below are 12 Romance Sub-Genres. You may read 4,8,12 or 15(with Bonus) books. No repeats please, you can only read a sub-genre once.

Romance Levels-

4 books read- Flirt!

8 books read- Dating

12 books read- Committed Relationship

15 books read-with Bonus- Golden Anniversary

Romance Sub-Genres

1. Erotic
2. Suspense
3. Contemporary
4. Historical
5. YA
6. Paranormal/Fantasy/Sci-Fi
7. Christian/Religious/Inspirational
8. Western
9. Interracial
10. GLBT
11. Time Travel
12. Category (Harlequin, etc.)

Please choose one letter below for every sub-genre chosen.

No repeats please, each letter can be used only once.

a. read a book from a friend's or RRRC member's shelf (any shelf works)
b. read an ebook
c. read a borrowed book- library,friend,lending site
d. read a book that's been on your tbr for awhile
e. read a book from the list generated from clicking the 'Recommendations' link on top of your home page
f. read a new release (within 2 months)
g. read a book with a new-to-you author
h. read a book by a favorite author of yours
i. read a book that is part of a series
j. read a stand-alone book
k. read a short book (under 200 pages)
l. read a long book (over 300 pages)


The Bonus category can be added only if the 12 book level is completed.

You may choose a letter you have already used to go with each bonus choice below. You must use a different letter for each bonus book chosen.

13. read a book with a setting of a place you love or would love to visit.

14. read a book with a cover that you love (please post cover link and if you like, tell us why you love it)

15. read a book that uses your favorite plot device- ( i.e. Amnesia, May/December Romance, Geek Hero or Secret Baby) 

2.  Suspense (F) Mason - Delores Fossen (HI #1371 - Sept 2012) 08/21/2012
3.  Contemporary (L) Addicted to Love - Lori Wilde (Forever - Oct 2008)  08/15/2012
9.  SKIP
10.  SKIP
11.  Time Travel (J) The Cowboy from Christmas Past - Tina Leonard (HAR #1282 - Nov 2009) 08/16/2012

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