Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Texas Rancher's Vow - Cathy Gillen Thacker (HAR #1412 - July 2012)

Series: Legends of Laramie County (Book 2) 

Never Again!

Jen Carson made a promise to herself: no more powerful, controlling husbands. So why is she letting herself be tempted by Matt Briscoe, surely the most alpha male in Laramie County? She only agreed to stay at the Triple B to create a series of commemorative bronze plaques for Matt's father. Not end up sharing taboo kisses with six feet four inches of irresistible cowboy. 

A cowboy who also happens to be her client's son. Talk about mixing pleasure with business! And now Jen's suddenly the reluctant keeper of a Briscoe family secret. Which thrusts her into an even more heated conflict with Matt. No matter how strong her feelings for the studly rancher, Jen has so many good reasons to keep him from becoming a permanent part of her life. 

Too bad her heart won't listen to her head.... 

Good book.  Jen is an excellent sculptor who has been commissioned by Matt's father to do some sculptures for him.  Matt initially distrusts Jen because of his father's habit of getting mixed up with gold-diggers.  Pretty quickly his attraction overrules his distrust and he finds himself involved with her.  Jen came from a poor background and has come a long way to get where she is.  She also had a marriage that turned out badly because her ex was using her to rebel against his snooty rich parents.  She swore she'd never get involved again with a controlling man.  Because of his issues with his dad, Matt tends to keep tight control over his emotions, and is also very protective, which leads to him doing what he thinks is best without consulting other people.  This leads to some issues with Jen.  She also has been sworn to secrecy by Matt's dad about a health issue.  This has been more strain on her because she wants Matt to know but can't tell him herself.  Eventually this causes a big blow-up between Jen and Matt, but also shows both men how unfair they are being to Jen and each other.  I liked Jen a lot, because she wanted to keep the secret, but also knew that Matt needed to know.  Matt had to learn to deal with his trust problems and also be willing to let loose of his need for control.  I also loved his cluelessness about what he did wrong and had to have it explained by a female friend.  Overall, really enjoyed the book.

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