Wednesday, August 8, 2012

All for You - Lynn Kurland (Jove - May 2012)

Series: de Piaget (Book 14) 

Peaches Alexander is thrilled to receive an unexpected invitation to a weekend party given by the handsome, eligible Duke of Kenneworth. The only problem: Stephen de Piaget, a stuffy medieval studies scholar who seems determined to get in the way. Peaches has absolutely no desire to get involved with Stephen, until a quirk of Fate sends her hurtling through time...

Stephen de Piaget has been leading a double life: respectable professor by day, knight-in-training during holidays and summer terms. When Peaches goes missing, Stephen knows he's the only one who can rescue her from medieval peril. Little do they know that the greatest danger they'll face won't be the business end of a sword, but their own unruly hearts.... 

Loved the book.  I really liked Stephen in his appearances in earlier books.  He is one of the quieter members of the family, but I always got the feeling there was a lot more to him than it appeared at the time.  Peaches is at a crossroads in her life.  Her previous work as a life coach/organizer has come to a screeching halt, and she isn't sure where to go from there.  She has been invited to a gathering by the Duke of Kenneworth that Stephen attends also.  There has been trouble between those two families for a long time.  The Duke turns out to be not very nice and events of the weekend have Stephen coming (very quietly) to Peaches rescue.  There are some great scenes with Stephen's man Humphreys that are hysterical.  Peaches also ends up stepping through a time gate and captive of the Duke's ancestor.  Stephen, having gone looking for Peaches, recognizes the gate for what it is.  Being a very intelligent man, he contacts a couple of people who know what he'll have to deal with for advice, and then goes after her.  During that rescue and after, Peaches comes to realize that she has misjudged Stephen and that she has been attracted to him all along.  As she starts to work for him and they spend time together, she figures out that what she took for stuffiness was actually a bit of shyness on his part.  He is very relaxed with other people, but can't seem to get it together around her.  I loved their time together and seeing their conversations as she learned more about him and discovered that he was in love with her.  She can't believe it and is convinced that she is all wrong for him, due to what she sees as her being far below him on the social scale.  He is trying to convince her that she is wrong when the Duke drops a bombshell on his family that Stephen needs to figure out how to fix.  This involves another bit of time travel, which he tries to leave Peaches out of.  She follows him with some new information that he needs, and also some unwelcome news.  I loved their time with Robin and Anne, and some of the scenes with Robin are a riot.  There's a final bit of travel to Regency England that was needed for the solution, then home.  I really wish there had been more detail on that trip, as its activities were necessary for the resolution of the problem.  We got no detail at all on how it happened and I didn't like that.  The final chapter was very good, and I suspect we'll be seeing more of the twins.  I adored Stephen and his quietly alpha persona.   He didn't need to yell and hack at things with swords (though he was quite good at that too).  He simply put his brain to work and got the job done.  I loved his way of looking at Peaches and "herding" her in the direction he wanted her to go.  I liked Peaches, though her lack of self esteem where Stephen was concerned bugged me a bit.  I was glad she saw the light about the Duke.  I also enjoyed seeing her as her feelings for Stephen grew and she learned how to read him and his care of her.  I loved the conclusion and can't wait for the next book. 

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