Monday, May 28, 2012

High Noon - Debra Webb (HI #1354 - June 2012)

Series: Colby Agency: Texas (Book 2) 

With one of Texas's most heinous serial killers still on the loose, it's Colby agent Joel Hayden's sworn duty to protect single mom Laney Seagers. Getting a job at Laney's High Noon bar is easy for Joel...but gaining the trust of the fiercely independent beauty is considerably harder.

Amid escalating danger, Joel struggles to safeguard the shattering family secret that could destroy all Laney has ever known. As he witnesses her world starting to unravel, how can he protect her without revealing what he knows? A lifelong bachelor, Joel learns a new lesson on the job: protecting Laney from violence may be easier than protecting her heart. 

Very good book.  The hunt for Clare Barker is heating up, and Laney is the next one in danger.  Laney owns the High Noon bar where she makes a good living and is raising her son.  His father is trying to make trouble for Laney.  Joel has been assigned by the Colby Agency to keep Laney and her son safe.  When he steps in to protect her, he gets hired on as the new bouncer at the bar, and hopes to use that to stay undercover.  But when Clare gets too close, Joel has to come clean with Laney.  I really liked the way Laney was independent, but saw the sense of accepting help when their safety was threatened.  She was stunned by Joel's revelations, and couldn't think what it would mean for their future.  Joel couldn't believe how quickly Laney and Buddy had  become a part of his life, and that he didn't want to let them go.  I loved the way he related so well to Buddy, and how easily he was able to support Laney and her dreams.  I'm really looking forward to the next book and seeing how the situation is resolved.

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