Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cole's Christmas Wish - Tracy Madison (HSE #2231 - Dec 2012)

Series: Colorado Fosters (Book 1)


And that was for Rachel Merriday to realize, finally, that she was in love with him! The only problem was, he and Rachel were friends...just friends. Sure, they kissed that once-and what a kiss!-but Cole was waiting for the right time to tell her how he really felt.

But has time run out? Rachel was coming home to Colorado for Christmas with a new man! And from what Cole's been hearing, this guy might just be "the one." How could that be, when it's been so obvious from the moment Rachel first leveled him with a snowball as kids, that it's Cole she should be kissing under the mistletoe!

Maybe now is the right time to finally let Rachel know that all he wants for her.

I really liked this book.  Cole was a really nice guy though a little clueless.  He and Rachel had been friends since they were kids and had just started moving it up to the next level when he got hurt and she left him.  He's ready to try again when she comes back for Christmas, but then he finds out she's bringing a guy with her.  He is stunned and not sure what to do.  When he meets her boyfriend he makes up a serious girlfriend for himself.  He gets her to help him shop for this girlfriend all the time buying things that are actually for her.  Cole really wants to be able to tell her how he feels, but he also knows that if she is really in love with the other guy he will stay silent because he wants her to be happy.  Rachel is a nice girl but because of her parents, who fight all the time and she gets caught in the middle, really wants a loving husband and family of her own.  She has brought Andrew home with her in hopes that he will propose over the holidays.  As the time goes on you can see that the connection just isn't there between them, but the chemistry between Rachel and Cole is obvious.  Rachel has a tendency to want to avoid difficult situations of any kind so she had bailed on him before.   Rachel knows that she blew it when she left him before, but doesn't know how to make things right.  She quickly realizes that a life with Andrew is not what she wants, but doesn't want to make a move on Cole and mess up his relationship.  I loved it when she found out about the deception and the way she turned the tables.  I really enjoyed the final scene that included the visiting Foster cousins (from the Foster Brothers books).

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