Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Long Way Home - Cathryn Parry (HS #1820 - Dec 2012)

Is home where the heart is?
Life on the road suits Bruce Cole just fine. And after what he went through back in the day, he's in no hurry to face his hometown again. Until his little sister asks him to return for her wedding. One brief visit can't hurt, right? Especially when he meets a beautiful stranger at the reception.

Except Natalie Kimball isn't a stranger. In fact, she knows more about Bruce than anyone else in Wallis Point-including the secret he's been running from all these years. The woman Natalie has become is fascinating...and so different from the girl he remembers. If anyone can change his mind about what home really means, it could be her.

Good book with believable characters.  Bruce left home after an accident that claimed his best friend's life.  Many people blamed him for it and he had no desire to deal with them again.  When he came back for his sister's wedding he also found himself in charge of taking care of his aging grandfather who also has Alzheimer's.  He reconnected with Natalie, who is the only other person who knows what happened that night.  Bruce has spent the last fifteen years avoiding relationships of any kind, trying to protect himself from further hurt.  When he starts spending time with Natalie he starts feeling things again and that worries him.  Natalie never forgot the hours she had spent with Bruce back when they were teenagers.  She is back home, trying to convince her father to allow her to become part of his law practice.  Because of her hearing problems he is reluctant.  Natalie gets a chance to help Bruce and he helps her in return.  She finds that she has fallen for him all over again and would like to help him be part of the community again.  I like the way she has the courage to go after what she wants and how this helps Bruce. 

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