Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taggart - Louis L'Amour (Bantam- 1959)

Adam Stark had found gold. In the confusion of the mesas and canyons near Rockinstraw Mountain, Stark, his wife, Consuelo, and his sister, Miriam, were quietly working a rich vein while keeping their presence a secret from raiding Apaches. Worried that his wife might leave him, Stark wanted to make enough money to take her to San Francisco, where she could enjoy the style of life she craved.

But when Taggart, a stranger on the run from a vicious bounty hunter, enters their camp, tensions soon mount. Consuelo, against all good judgment, cannot resist testing Taggart. Is he the man who can make her happy? Will he give her the life her husband cannot? With thousands of dollars of gold in his packsaddles, the Apaches are now no longer Adam Stark’s only threat.

Good book.  Adam and his wife and sister were trying to stay out of the way of the Apaches who were raiding in the area.  Adam had found a rich vein of gold and was trying to get as much of it out as he could.  He has dreams of a ranch of his own and the money to give his wife and sister a better life.  Taggart had had his own ranch before a larger outfit ran him off of it because they wanted his land.  He had tried to protect his land and was now accused of murder.  While he's trying to outrun a bounty hunter he stumbles on Adam's camp.  He's drawn to Miriam but knows that between the bounty hunter and the Apaches there is trouble coming.  There is a battle with the Apaches, an escape with the gold, and a gun battle with the bad guy.  I always like reading L'Amour's books.  His heroes are honorable men who usually find themselves in the position of having to protect someone - usually a girl.  I loved the way that he shows what the people are thinking and how it affects their actions.  He also has a wonderful way of describing the land where his books take place.  In this one I could feel the heat and dryness of the desert and see the canyons and hills that he was describing. 

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