Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Confidential - Marilyn Pappano, Linda Conrad (HRS #1731 - Dec 2012)

Holiday Protector by Marilyn Pappano
The last person Miri Duncan wants to see on her first day out of jail is P.I. Dean Montgomery - the man who put her there. But when their cross-country drive turns dangerous, she can't deny that Dean's protection is good for her. But is it good for her heart?

Very good story.  Miri went to prison for embezzlement and when she was released, Dean was waiting for her.  They had been dating when he turned her in and she was still furious with him, thinking that he had used their relationship to get closer to her.  Now he has two reasons to see her.  First, he had missed her and felt bad about his part in it.  Second, he had been hired by her former boss to find the money and turn it in earning a hefty finders fee.  Miri didn't want anything to do with him.  She was still hurt by his actions and just wanted to collect the money and continue her plans for it.  As the story goes on we see her motivation for stealing the money.  I couldn't help but root for her.  Dean started out mostly wanting the money, but it soon became obvious that Miri was more important.  I loved the way that he protected her and then helped her see her sister.  I really liked the tension of the trip across the country, watching for the bad guys, and the developing feelings between Miri and Dean were great.  Dean was a great hero and I loved seeing him as he helped her.  I'd love to know if she met up with her other two siblings and what she was going to do next. 

A Chance Reunion by Linda Conrad
Who is the mysterious woman who looks so much like his dead wife? Gage Chance doesn't know, but he has to find out. And when bullets begin to fly, he'll risk his life to save hers and get to the bottom of things. Will the truth be more than he can handle?

Gage was in Pinon Lake following up on a lead about the sister who went missing when she was a baby.  While there he saw a woman that looked like his dead wife.  There were many things that made him think she was, but others that he wasn't sure about.  When Elana was afraid of the people after her, Gage stuck around to help her.  Gage was very confused about Elana.  His heart and body reacted to her as if she was his wife, but his head said it couldn't be.  When he learned the truth he was hurt and furious at the same time. He didn't want to believe what she said but when she was hurt in the showdown he realized just how much he still loved her.  Elana had been on the run for years when she met Gage.  She had high hopes that she would be safe with him, but ended up faking her death to protect him.  She was terrified for him when he found her and did her best to convince him that she was not his wife.  Eventually she told him the truth and was heartbroken when he refused to believe her and threatened to take their child.  The showdown was nerve wracking and the conclusion was terrific.  I liked the story behind how Gage ended up there.  The story was fast paced and intense and kept me reading far too late at night. 

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