Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Her Cowboy Defender - Kerry Connor (HI #1334 - Feb 2012)

Series: Thriller 

From the moment he finds himself staring down the barrel of her gun, Rancher Cade McClain knows Piper Lowry isn't just another stranded tourist. Armed and desperate, she's prepared to do whatever it takes to carry out her mission. A mission she claims only he can help her with. Knowing it would be impossible to walk away from this tempting, determined woman, Cade offers her a place to hide from the gunmen on her trail. Despite his broad shoulders and intimidating gaze, it isn't long before the straight-shooting cowboy realizes he can't guarantee Piper's safety. Even if his heart is beginning to tell him he has no choice but to try....

Good book.  Piper was desperate when she held Cade up at gunpoint to get him to drive her to save her sister. When they were attacked, he saved her, and then offered to help her.  I liked her determination and her creativity.  She did a good job of planning things.  Cade couldn't believe he had offered to help her, but he couldn't seem to stop himself.  He had issues in his past that should have stopped him, but didn't.  I liked the way they worked together.  I thought it was interesting when they actually went their separate ways, then finally gave in to their need to see each other.  Loved that concluding chapter.

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