Saturday, February 4, 2012

Behind Boardroom Doors - Jennifer Lewis (HD #2144 - Mar 2012)

Series: Dynasties: The Kincaids (Book 3) 

Boss whisperer Brooke Nichols has never seen RJ Kincaid act like this. True, his mother is in jail for murdering his father, and an illegitimate brother has all but stolen the shipping dynasty RJ's worked so hard to safeguard. But that's no excuse for bad behavior. So, as a good assistant should, Brooke pulls him aside and pours him a drink. Resulting in a kiss…or two. If only she didn't have a secret that could tear the Kincaid family apart, maybe this fantasy could last forever. If only…

While this one was pretty good, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first two books in the series.  I had a hard time warming up to RJ.  I know his life sucks right now, but the constant anger was very draining to read.  I also thought he was pretty tacky in his pursuit of Brooke.  He didn't seem to care at all about her reputation if someone had seen them.  Brooke was ok, except for keeping her secret when she should have told it right away.  I'm beginning to suspect who the bad guy is here, and I'm looking forward to seeing if I am right.

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