Thursday, September 13, 2012

Daddy in the Making - Crystal Green (HSE #2219 - Oct 2012)

Series: St. Valentine Texas (Book 2) 

Luminous gray eyes...long dark curls...come-hither smile. For months, Conn Flannigan was haunted by tantalizing images of a night he couldn't remember-and a woman he couldn't forget. He'd returned to St. Valentine to find her and recover his lost memories. The instant he spied Rita Niles, Conn knew he was in the right place. Could he prove he wasn't the footloose playboy he used to be... now that he was going to be a father? 

That was Rita's philosophy...until the single mom met that gorgeous Texas heartbreaker. Now she was having Conn's baby and the daddy-to-be wanted her to give him another chance. But who was the real Conn? Was she ready to trust her future to a man who could take off and leave her high and dry again? 

Very good book.  Conn had come back to St. Valentine to find the woman that he couldn't forget.  He had had one passionate night with her before he was involved in a car accident that took away his memories of her.  Now that he had found her again he wanted to get to know her better, especially since she's pregnant with his baby.  Rita wasn't sure she wanted to give him that chance, since she'd been deserted once before and didn't want to go that way again.  I liked both Conn and Rita.  Conn was a playboy, well known for his love em and leave em ways.  After his accident he couldn't remember what he had been like before, but didn't like what he was hearing about himself so he set out to change his ways.  When the glimpses of a woman kept getting stronger he returned to St. Valentine to see if he could find her and discover why he was remembering her.  When he found her and discovered she was pregnant, he wanted to get to know her.  As they spent time together he realized that he liked the person he was when he was with her.  He wanted her, her daughter and their baby to be a part of his life, but he was afraid of what would happen when his memories returned.  Would he return to his old ways?  Rita was great.  She was a single mother, doing her best to raise her daughter alone.  She had been abandoned by her daughter's father and swore she would never put herself in that position again.  When she gave in to one night of passion and then didn't hear from him again, she thought she had done it again.  When Conn came back and explained the problem, she was cautiously optimistic, especially when he was so obviously trying to make a new start.  She loved how terrific he was with her daughter and how much he seemed to want to be a good father to the new baby.  But she was also afraid that he would walk away when his memories returned.  This caused her to try to keep Conn at a distance and then when his memories did return to send him away.  I really liked the way this book showed that someone can change if they really want to.  There wasn't much about the town mystery in this book, so I hope there will be in the next book.

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