Saturday, September 29, 2012

Deception - Carol Ericson (HI #1379 - Oct 2012)

Series: Guardians of Coral Cove (Book 4) 


Columbella House, a crumbling Victorian mansion on the coast, is packed with secrets and danger. Now it all belongs to Mia St. Regis. For police chief Dylan Reese, the return of the beautiful heiress rekindles an old attraction, one he thought ended long ago. Before he can focus on their past, though, Mia's reappearance rouses a killer, someone who's made her the ultimate-and most prized-target. Dylan knows keeping Mia safe is part of the job. Yet the image of an elusive enemy getting anywhere near her challenges his sworn vow to uphold the law-and stirs something all too personal inside by-the-book Dylan.... 

Very good book and excellent conclusion to the series.  Marissa had come back to Coral Cove to deal with Columbella House.  Practically the first person she ran into was Dylan Reese, current police chief and former crush.  Besides dealing with the house, Mia was also trying to find her sister who she hadn't seen in several years.  Almost as soon as she arrived in town things began to happen to her - her brakes went out, she was attacked by an ex-con, her ex-husband was murdered, her new-found niece was poisoned.  I really liked both Mia and Dylan.  Mia was determined to do something about the house and overcome the bad vibes that come from it.  She also wanted to find her sister and make up for the actions that split them apart.  I liked the way that she immediately took to her niece and wanted to help her.  I liked the way that she admitted her attraction to Dylan and was able to connect with him better now than when they were younger.  Dylan was a fantastic hero.  I loved his protectiveness and the way he wanted to take care of Mia while still accepting her independence.  The way he was always there for her, even when she tried to chase him away was really sweet.  I also liked the way he was determined to make sure that Mia knew how much he wanted her.  The final showdown was great and a surprise to me.  I really liked the solution Mia came up with for the Columbella property. 

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