Monday, September 10, 2012

Justice at Cardwell Ranch - B. J. Daniels (HI #1377 - Oct 2012)

Series: Cardwell Ranch (Book 3), Montana Mystique (Book 4)

Six years ago, Dana Cardwell found her mother's will in a cookbook and became sole owner of the Cardwell Ranch in Big Sky, Montana. Now happily married, Dana is surprised when her siblings, Stacy and Jordan, show up on the ranch...and trouble isn't too far behind. As danger draws closer to the ranch, deputy marshal Liza Turner quickly realizes that Jordan Cardwell isn't the man the town made him out to be. 

Very good book.  Jordan has come back to Big Sky to investigate the truth behind his best friend's suicide while they were in high school.  The day he arrived one of his high school friends who might have known something was murdered.  Liza Turner is tagged to investigate and soon finds that there are troublesome secrets coming to light.  Even though he's a suspect, Liza is attracted to Jordan.  Her instincts tell her that he is not the murderer but that he can be dangerous to her heart.  I really liked both Liza and Jordan.  Liza is doing a great job as deputy.  She remembers Jordan from the whole will problem six years earlier and not in a good way.  Though she doesn't trust him at first, she quickly realizes that he has changed for the better.  When he explains why he is in Big Sky and how it might impact her murder investigation they start working together to investigate.  Liza also discovers that she is very attracted to Jordan, but doesn't expect him to stay around.  I liked Liza's intelligence and the way she was able to put things together.  Jordan was great too.  I loved the way that he had changed for the better.  He had been devastated by his friend's suicide, and when he found out it may have been murder he had to come back and check into it.  He was attracted to Liza right away and found himself finding any excuse to be with her.  Investigating the how the suicide and then murder were connected gave them a lot of time together.  I loved the way he accepted the fact that he was going to have to earn people's trust and how hard he worked to do so.  I liked the way that he respected Liza's job as deputy but still wanted to protect her.  The mystery of the suicide and murder was well done and had a pretty tense ending. I hope Stacy and Clay get stories of their own too. 

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