Monday, September 10, 2012

The Sheikh's Claim - Olivia Gates (HD #2183 - Sept 2012)

Series: Desert Knights (Book 2) 

Their tempestuous relationship had crashed and burned, and Lujayn Morgan had left Prince Jalal Aal Shalaan to marry another -- a man who'd died soon after. And then…Jalal and Lujayn had met again and shared one unforgettable night. Now there is no denying that Lujayn's son belongs to Jalal.

Marriage is the only answer. But Jalal is a contender for the throne of Azmahar. This unexpected heir could break him -- or be the key to winning. If only he can prove to Lujayn that his claim is not for their son or for the kingdom, but only for her.… 

Good book.  Lujayn and Jalal had had a four year secret relationship.  When Lujayn grew tired of the secrecy she broke it off and married another man.  When Jalal came to see her after her husband's death they couldn't stop the passionate encounter. Then her fury and self-disgust drove him away, until she returned to Azmahar two years later.  He still craves her in his bed and offers the same secret alliance they had before and is stunned when she turns him down again.  When he discovers that she had his son, he is furious at first, but soon enchanted by the child.  He has also come to realize he wants her in his life permanently.  But there are many issues to overcome.  Overall I liked both Lujayn and Jalel, but he infuriated me through a good share of the book.  All he seemed to be able to see was how anything affected him.  He never thought about how their secrecy affected her.  He wanted her back in his bed no matter what she wanted and would do anything to manipulate her to get her there.  When he finds out about his son he is at first furious and then thrilled.  I loved seeing his first reaction to seeing Adam and how emotional he was.  I liked Lujayn a bit better.  I could see how much she had loved Jalal, until she just couldn't take the secrecy any longer.  I liked her relationship with Patrick though it seemed to have been more of a marriage of friends than of love.  I really liked the way that she tried to stand up for herself and resist Jalal's manipulations.  When Adam's existence was discovered she finally laid into him and told him everything that had gone on during their previous relationship.  I loved the way that his eyes were finally opened to the way that she saw his treatment of her and how selfish he appeared to her.  I was glad to see him try to change and finally admit his feelings.  I have to say that I am getting really sick of the evil queen and would really like to see her confined to the point where she can't interfere with people again.  I'm looking forward to the next book to see how the whole kingship thing works out.

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