Saturday, September 1, 2012

Colton's Ranch Refuge - Beth Cornelison (HRS #1724 - Oct 2012)

Series: Coltons of Eden Falls (Book 2) 

"You know nothing about the real me."
Ex-soldier Gunnar Colton's only focus is shaking off the horrors of war in his remote cabin-until a murderer abducts another victim from the neighboring Amish community. Now the Colton code of honor kicks in and it's his duty to protect the eyewitness who's the next likely target. 

Treating sexy, spitfire actress Violet Chastain as just another assignment is next to impossible, though. There's more to her than Hollywood and the hurt she's hiding. The minute Gunnar lets the starlet and her twin baby boys into his home, the guard around his heart starts to crack. One taste of passion shows him the future he could have with Violet-if the threat closing in doesn't claim them both. 

Very good book.  Violet is in Eden Falls to film a movie involving the Amish.  She is walking with a young Amish girl when they are attacked and the girl is kidnapped.  Violet sees the face of one of the men before she is stabbed and left for dead.  Gunnar has taken up residence in his cabin on the ranch as he is trying to beat the memories of his last mission in Afghanistan.  The family decides that his cabin is the best place to hide Violet and her twin boys.  Gunnar has no experience with children and doesn't really want to have to take care of a Hollywood actress.  As he spends time with her he finds that she's not the spoiled brat he was expecting.  I really liked both Violet and Gunnar.  In spite of all her fame as an actress, Violet is very down to earth.  There is nothing more important to her than her children.  When she witnesses the kidnapping she is heartbroken at not being able to stop it from happening.  At first she did not like Gunnar, but as they spent time together she saw that his gruffness was covering up his wounded soul.  His kindness and compassion while helping her through her nightmares showed her a different side to him.  He also was very good with her boys and she could see that they helped him also.  She found herself falling for him, but felt that their differences, plus his PTSD issues, would prevent them from having a future together.  Gunnar has been fighting his memories alone, refusing to ask for help.  By isolating himself he feels that he can overcome them without endangering anyone.  He wants his privacy and doesn't want to deal with Violet who he thinks of as a Hollywood diva.  But family honor demands that he help.  Thanks to his own experiences he is able to help Violet deal with her feelings of guilt over the kidnapping.  I loved seeing Gunnar with Violet's twins.  Having no experience with kids, they absolutely kicked his butt over the first couple days.  Then, as he started getting the hang of it, he found that he really enjoyed playing with them.  He also discovered that he and Violet shared an intense attraction to each other.  But like her, he felt that they were too different to be able to form a relationship.  I loved the ending and the way they were able to work things out.  

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