Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Cowboy's Claim - Carla Cassidy (HRS #1723 - Oct 2012)

Series: Cowboy Cafe (Book 2) 

He wants his baby, she wants him gone.
No self-respecting cowboy wants to be a rich girl's dirty little secret. That's why Nick Benson left Grady Gulch, looking for greener pastures even as his heart was breaking. Little did he know that the beauty he left behind was carrying his child, a son. Or that his wealthy lover would be abandoned by her family because of their forbidden affair. 

Now Nick has returned, and he wants to be a father to little Garrett. But Courtney Chambers has been taking care of herself long enough to distrust their renewed passion. Her little boy is her life now. Only when he disappears, does she realize how dangerous love can be.... 

Good book.  Nick has come back to Grady Gulch to help out at his family's ranch.  His sister was killed in a car crash a couple years ago, his oldest brother is in jail for attempted murder and his other brother is drowning his sorrows in drink.  He was surprised to see his ex-girlfriend working in the cafe as a waitress and even more surprised to find that she had a son and that the baby is his.  He wants to be a father to his son, but doesn't know if he can deal with Courtney again.  When another waitress is murdered and their son disappears, they realize that love is what is most important.  I liked both Nick and Courtney.  Both had made mistakes in their relationship that they must now overcome.  Nick had left Grady Gulch without a word to Courtney.  She had refused to date him in public and he got tired of the secrecy.  When he returned he was angry that she had not called and told him about the baby.  He was determined to be involved in Garrett's life and be a better father than his own had been.  He didn't intend to renew his relationship with Courtney, thinking that she hadn't changed.  He discovered that the passion was still there and that he had never stopped loving her.  Courtney was bitter about the way Nick left, leaving her to deal with her pregnancy alone.  She didn't trust him not to take off again, leaving her and Garrett alone again.  She also realized that their passion was still there and that she had never stopped loving him. During one of their confrontations she discovered why he left and was stunned at his reasons.  She realized that her immaturity at the time had caused a lot of the problems they had. When Garrett was kidnapped they had to rely on each other for support and comfort and decided they needed each other in their lives.  I wish there had been more about the ongoing mystery of the serial killer, but hopefully there will be in the next book.

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