Saturday, September 8, 2012

Real Vintage Maverick - Marie Ferrarella (HSE #2210 - Sept 2012)

Series: Montana Mavericks: Back in the Saddle (Book 3) 

Thunder Canyon Nugget
Found: One genuine cowboy, in need of a cowgirl!

Folks in Thunder Canyon all remember the broad-shouldered, blond cowpoke with the green eyes and somber expression. We haven't seen Cody Overton smile much in the years since he lost his wife.

But there's been a strange discovery inside Catherine Clifton's new secondhand boutique, Real Vintage Cowboy. Rumor has it that the eldest Clifton sister has found Cody Overton's heart! Is it true that cutie Catherine has put the spring back in Cody's boot-scootin' step? Stay tuned, smart shoppers, and find out whether Catherine and Cody can seal the deal -- and what other surprises the sassy shopkeeper might have in store! 

Very good book.  Cody has been pretty much of a recluse since his wife's death eight years ago.  He misses his wife still and has no expectation of starting a new relationship.  When he goes into the new antique store looking for a gift for his sister, he saves Catherine from a nasty fall.  He doesn't expect a zing of attraction.  Catherine has started her store as a way to assert her own independence.  She is the oldest girl of eight children and seems to have spent most of her life taking care of other people.  She wants a chance to do her own thing.  She asks Cody to help her pick out things for her shop that might appeal to guys like him.  While helping her Cody finds that he starts to feel again and that Catherine brings him a peace and happiness he never expected to feel again.  I really liked both Cody and Catherine.  Cody had been numb for so long that I loved seeing him come back to life.  It was fun watching him with Catherine at first.  She was so bright and cheerful he just didn't seem to know how to deal with her.  He also seemed a little clueless about the things she would say and ask, but he got better.  Catherine had spent so long being the "capable, level headed" one in her family that she had no idea how beautiful and fun she was.  She had a hard time believing Cody when he would compliment her.  She was also sure that the relationship they were having wouldn't last, and almost ruined it herself with her lack of confidence.  There were two especially memorable parts for me.  I loved the part where Cody took Catherine riding and the fast one she pulled on him.  And I loved the part when Cody went pounding on her door at 3 am.  Her family's reactions were terrific.

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