Thursday, January 12, 2012

AWOL With the Operative - Jean Thomas (HRS #1694 - Feb 2012)

Eve Warren made a sworn promise -- she'd never tell the FBI her real connection to mob informant Charlie Fowler. When he's found dead, we-have-ways-to-make-you-talk agent Sam McDonough wants to know everything. But as the gruff, gorgeous G-man escorts Eve from the Yukon for questioning, their chopper is shot down, crashing in the frozen Canadian wilderness. Suddenly, Sam's memory is gone -- and he's not the same man.

Sam doesn't remember much, but he trusts this "angel" by his side. As he and Eve battle the elements -- and dangerous thugs determined to kill them both -- he knows their survival depends on the most tentative trust...and huddling very close together for warmth.

Good book.  I liked Eve.  She appeared to cope well with all the events that happened and didn't panic.  She really showed her capabilities when they were at the lake. I also liked the way that she could see that something was haunting Sam, and wanted to help - and didn't want to give up on him.   Sam was fighting his demons, and didn't want any help from Eve.  He just wanted to keep her safe and then disappear into the sunset.  His memory loss gave Eve the chance to get to know him without those effects.  The suspense in the story was good, though not riveting, it did keep me reading.

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