Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Texas Chance - Jean Brashear (HS #1763 - Feb 2012)

Series: MacAllisters (Book 1) 

After a scandal torches her career, hotelier Sophie Carlisle vows to rise from the ashes. She pours her all into turning a run-down house in Austin, Texas, into a fabulous boutique hotel. Now, with the opening mere weeks away, Sophie is running out of both time and money!

So when Cade MacAllister swoops in and offers to help, it seems like a godsend. And yet Sophie is leery. Why would Cade, a hotshot adventure photographer, want to spend his days swinging a hammer for her? Sophie has learned the hard way that everything has a price -- especially trust. With so much on the line, can she risk her career -- and her heart -- on a wanderer with secrets?

Really good book.  Cade and Sophie were both self-sufficient loners.  When her friend Jenna volunteers her brother Cade to help her out, Sophie is unwilling to accept the help.  But something about Sophie draws Cade in and helps him forget his problems.  As they spend time together, both find themselves opening up to the other, telling things they'd never told anyone else.  When a bad publicity story came out about Sophie, Cade called in his family to help Sophie get ready to open and counteract the negativity.  Sophie had never been exposed to anything like the MacAllister clan, and couldn't believe that they were so willing to help her.  I loved the way everything turned out, and how it was accomplished.

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