Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Most Dangerous Profession - Karen Hawkins (Pocket - Oct 2011)

Series: Hurst Amulet (Book 3) 

For beautiful, seductive Moira MacAllister, the stakes have become terrifyingly high. Her daughter has been abducted, and a priceless ancient relic -- an onyx box -- is the ransom. Moira must acquire it at any cost, even if it means confronting the man she tricked into marriage and then left years ago. A man who still doesn't know she has a child ... and that he is the father.


Robert Hurst, an operative in the King's service, has never forgiven the mysterious, beautiful spy who once seduced him into marriage and then disappeared without a trace. Now, as he pursues the onyx box he needs to save his brother's life, their paths cross again. But Robert isn't sure which he longs for more -- to satisfy his lust for revenge, or to quench his relentless hunger for this bewitching woman.


When Moira reveals to Robert her long-kept secret, he realizes his burning desires must wait as he and Moira race to stop a treacherous foe who is threatening their child, their lives and their second chance at love.

Really fun book.  Both Moira and Robert need the artifact.  Moira needs it to rescue her daughter from a man who kidnapped her.  Robert needs it to fulfill another step in finding the Hurst Amulet.  I loved the beginning where they kept getting the better of each other.  It was even better when they started working together.  They had trust issues with each other that had to be overcome, as each one expected the other to run off with the item once they got it.  Robert was upset that Moira hadn't told him about Rowena, and he wasn't sure that he could believe her when she told him things.  Moira was still angry that he'd had her arrested at one point.  She also didn't like that he kept trying to protect her, rather than believe she could take care of herself.  I loved some of the situations they were in and how they took care of them.  I also liked the letters that began each chapter, giving insight into the background of the story and the characters.  I can't wait for the concluding story.

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