Thursday, January 26, 2012

His Plain-Jane Cinderella - Jennie Adams (HR #4296 - Feb 2012)

Series: In Her Shoes

Stacie Wakefield is sick of playing second fiddle. When her gorgeous older sister steals her man, it's the last straw. She leaves and is definitely happier on her own. Until she meets her new boss -- brooding ex-soldier Troy Rushton....

After an injury cost him everything, Troy's too busy putting his life back together to worry about his heart. Plus, Stacie deserves the complete fairy tale, not damaged goods like him.

Troy has shown Stacie the woman she could be -- so now it's time for her to show him she needs her Prince Charming by her side!

Good book.  I really liked both Stacie and Troy.  Stacie had moved away from her family to try to move on from her broken heart.  She had her job at the almond processing plant and her home business of making dog clothes.  She had decided that would be enough - she had no need for a man in her life.  Troy had purchased the plant and the farm next to Stacie's as a new career after the loss of his army career.  He felt that he didn't have the emotional capability to care for anyone, so he too was going to be content alone.  As they were thrown together by work and the antics of their dogs, they began to become friends.  Then the friendship started to turn deeper.  As things turned more serious, neither thought the other truly cared.  Troy was also worried that Stacie couldn't care for him because of his injury.  I loved the conclusion, and the dogs were adorable throughout the book.

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