Friday, January 13, 2012

More Than Perfect - Day LeClaire (HD #2139 - Feb 2012)

Series: Billionaires and Babies

When billionaire Lucius Devlin inherits his best friend's child, he needs a wife. Preferably one who fulfills his every need. So he checks out the Pretorius Program, since it had once found him the perfect assistant....

Angie Colter can't understand who wouldn't want to spend time with the sexy, caring and utterly compelling Lucius and darling baby Mikey. Then she discovers his goal. With a few tweaks to the program -- and to her appearance -- Angie will be the perfect wife! But what if Lucius finds out the truth about his nearly perfect fiancee?

Take one hot but ruthless billionaire.  Add in one unexpected baby.  Now you have a man who needs someone to be a mother to the child, but who doesn't want an emotional connection because he's been betrayed before.  Lucius wanted the best for baby Mikey, but he had no intention of opening himself up for more heartbreak.  When he gets the computer programmer to tweak the program to help him, he gets more than he expected.  Angie had been in love with him almost from the time she started to work for him, but he never saw it.  So she colluded with one of the programmers and got it to spit out her name as the perfect wife for him.  They were amazingly compatible, and the more time they spent together the closer they got.  Then Lucius found out what Angie had done...  The conclusion was great, and I loved the way it all came together.  I hope to see a story for Jett in the future.

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