Monday, January 30, 2012

The Norse King's Daughter - Sandra Hill (Avon - Oct 2011)

Series: Viking 1 (Book 10) 

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Princess Scorned!

Princess Drifa can certainly see why Sidroc Guntersson is a living legend -- on battlefield and in bedchamber both. But the King of Stoneheim’s willful daughter pitches a royal fit when she learns of the true reason for the virile Viking’s passionate attentions. A third-born son with no hope of inheriting the family jarldom, scheming Sidroc must marry and is interested in Drifa only for her father’s land and money. The barbarian is lucky she just cracks him on his fool head with a pottery pitcher!

Five years later, Drifa needs Sidroc’s protection -- in Byzantium, no less! -- though revenge holds more appeal for this man she left for dead. ’Tis a pity two such perfect enemies match each other so well, passion for passion. So much so that the bold Viking berserker is soon thinking marriage again . . . only this time it will be on his terms! 

Good book.  I always love Sandra Hill's Viking tales -- the characters are always so colorful.  In the beginning Sidroc comes to ask for Drifa's hand in marriage.  She is ready to say yes until she overhears him make some obnoxious remarks, so she hits him over the head with a pitcher and knocks him out.  When he come to, six weeks later, she is gone so he leaves.  Five years later they meet again.  He is ready for some revenge, and plans to use her passion to get it.  When she is kidnapped he rides to the rescue.  As time goes on, they develop feelings for each other, but neither will admit it.  I love the back and forth dialog of the two as they work through their issues.  I also like the secondary characters, and seeing those from earlier books.

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