Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From the Beginning - Tracy Wolff (HS #1760 - Feb 2012)

Okay, life has been tough recently. Dr. Amanda Jacobs is finally ready to admit that -- and do something about it. Stateside again, she's focused on reestablishing her medical career. Sure, it's not the stop-your-heart stress of working in war-torn countries. But right now she needs a little less stress.

And that means she doesn't need the distraction of Simon Hart. The way Amanda sees it, their on-again-off-again relationship can stay off. Even though he's more charming than ever, is there too much between them to get over? Still, a part of her wonders if this is their chance to be together...forever.

Excellent book.  There was so much emotion in this book it was overwhelming at times.  When Simon showed up in Africa he was shocked by her condition.  She also wanted nothing to do with him.  Once he had her back in Atlanta, he had to try to overcome his mistakes of the past and try to convince her to give him another chance.  She had a hard time trusting him not to abandon her again, as he did after the death of their daughter.  She had to feel as though she was in control of her life, and able to stand on her own, and didn't want to risk depending on him.  He wanted to show her she could depend on him to be there for her, but had to keep from making her think he thought she couldn't do it herself.  There were several times I wasn't sure they'd ever be able to make it work.  By the end, their relationship was stronger than ever.

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