Friday, October 12, 2012

Two Wrongs Make a Marriage - Christine Merrill (HH #1109 - Oct 2012)

Lord Kenton is surprisingly happy to be lured to a moonlit gazebo, held at gunpoint by the delectable Cynthia Banester and forced to marry her. The only finger he's had to lift is the one that's caressed the neckline of her dress. She's claimed a title -- he's secured a fortune. There are just two problems -- he's not the real Lord Kenton, and she's not rich!

Bound by their own deceptions, Cynthia and Jack decide to make the best of a bad deal. They may not have two coins to rub together, but consummating their vows proves deliciously satisfying…. 

I liked the storyline of the book, it was a little different than the usual.  Cynthia has held Jack at gunpoint long enough for him to compromise her and be forced to marry her.  She wants his title and his assistance in restoring her family's money.  He needs her money because his "father" is being blackmailed.  Problem is, he's not really who she thinks he is - he's an actor playing a part.  And she doesn't have any money, she needs his.  Once the deceptions come out they have to decide how to deal with it.   I liked Jack.  He was funny and overall pretty nice.  He was doing his best to help out his "father" not just with the marriage but also with estate matters and trying to stop the blackmailer.  He seemed to be pretty fixated on getting Cynthia into bed, but it also became obvious that he was developing feelings for her.  He fought against those feelings, constantly reminding himself that he's a rogue actor not a gentleman.  His inner conversations with himself, especially the side of him that is becoming more like his character, are fun to see.  I loved his part at the end.  Nothing I could do could make me really like Cynthia.  I had high hopes for her at the beginning.  I loved the way she held Jack at gunpoint to get what she needed, but the promise was never followed through.  When both their deceptions came out, she was horribly judgmental.  She was furious with his deception, but refused to see that hers was just as bad.  She constantly looked down on him because he was an actor.  Her mother had been an actress and Cynthia was just as judgmental about her instead of seeing her for the woman she was.  I didn't like the way she was always putting Jack down about the things he did.  I could not reconcile the feelings she was developing for him with her attitude.  Although her attitude changed somewhat by the end of the book, I just couldn't see it as real.  I liked Jack's solution to the blackmail and the way it all went down.  I was happy to see his return at the end, and hope for his sake that Cynthia really has learned her lesson.  I liked Cynthia's mother a lot.  She was kind of over the top, but it worked for her and I could see that her love for her husband was real.  Jack's father was good too, and his situation was dealt with very nicely.

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