Friday, March 9, 2012

Claiming Colleen - Beth Kery (HSE #2177 - Mar 2012)

Series: Home to Harbor Town (Book 3) 

In high school, small-town princess Colleen Kavanaugh had had it all, and Eric Reyes was the outsider with his nose pressed against the glass. Then a sudden change in circumstance led to a reversal of fortune. Now Eric was a wealthy, successful, arrogant surgeon who rubbed the onetime golden girl the wrong way.

When an ironic twist of fate forced Eric and Colleen back together, the single mom found herself drawn to the irresistible doctor despite their dark history. Sure, she'd felt something for Eric when they were teenagers, but those memories were long forgotten -- or so she thought. It wasn't long before he wooed her into his arms … and his bed. But could their newfound passion lead to the happily-ever-after of their dreams?

This was a rather emotional book.  Both Eric and Colleen had been affected by the car accident involving their parents.  Sixteen years later they have been thrown together to plan the wedding of his sister and her brother.  They find that their attraction is still there, but Colleen doesn't want anything to do with it.  Eric works very hard to open her mind to the possibilities.  I found that Eric had a lot more patience than I thought he would at the beginning and seemed to be very sensitive to Colleen's fears.  I thought he was terrific with her kids. I wanted to shake Colleen a couple times for not seeing what a great guy Eric was.  I'm looking forward to Deidre's story.

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