Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cowboy to the Max - Rita Herron (HI #1336 - Mar 2012)

Series: Bucking Bronc Lodge (Book 3) 

Rancher Carter Flagstone refuses to take the fall for a crime he didn't commit. Branded a murderer five years ago, he's dead-set on getting freedom—and revenge. But after locating the woman who helped frame him, Carter is shocked to find Sadie Whitefeather scared, alone and hiding out in a remote Texas town. And what he discovers about the unforgettable night they spent in each other's arms makes Carter even more eager to learn the truth. On the run, with no one to turn to but each other, Carter finds forgiving Sadie isn't so hard after all. And clearing his name is more important than he ever imagined.…

Conclusion to the series.  Very good book.  When Carter broke out of prison and found Sadie, he thought that would be enough to set him free.  What he found was that she had been used, and then stalked ever since.  While he was in prison, he hadn't been able to forget her, and when they met again he found that he was still just as attracted.  When someone tried to kill them both, they went on the run to try to find out who was behind his framing.  As the days went by and the trail became more dangerous, their attraction and connection grew stronger.  Carter didn't want to make any commitment to Sadie until he was cleared.  Then he almost blew it by waiting too long.  It had good suspense that kept me guessing.

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