Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Way Back - Stephanie Doyle (HS #1773 - Apr 2012)

Starting over sounds good...in theory!

The reality? Well, Gabriella Haines isn't enjoying that so much. Once a top-rated TV host, suddenly becoming the junior editor at a publishing house isn't playing to her strengths. She does have one chance to fast-forward a few career steps, however. If she can manage the impossible -- convincing former American hero Jamison Hunter to finish the autobiography he owes them.

Too bad he's resistant to all her tactics. Worse, that little star crush Gabby had on him before his downfall? She isn't quite as over it as she thought. In fact, the more she knows the real him, the more she wants to uncover the truth about what happened. Because restoring him in the public eye may be the best chance they have at a future together.

This was a different kind of book.  Gabby needed to convince Jamison to finish the autobiography he had committed to before the scandal that destroyed his reputation.  When she went to Hawk Island to confront him, he wanted nothing to do with her, refused to talk to her about it.  She tried running with him (couldn't keep up).  When she finally bargained him into giving her two weeks to try to convince him, she thought she'd have a shot at it.  She learned how to run with him, and watched him with the people of the island, and was convinced that he was not guilty of the accusations.  She also came to like, and then love him, but still had trust issues with him. Jamie didn't want to tell the story.  He did want to get Gabby in bed with him.  While spending time together, he found that he actually liked her.  He still had no intention of ever writing the book.  There were lots of things that had contributed to the man Jamie had become now.  Gabby also decided to go after the truth of what had happened.  What she found out was very different than what I expected, and the conclusion to the story was very emotional.

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