Sunday, March 25, 2012

Inherited: Expectant Cinderella - Myrna MacKenzie (HR #4300 - Mar 2012)

Parker Sutcliffe is allergic to marriage, so he thinks he's the subject of a practical joke when he inherits a Vegas wedding chapel!

Daisy Lockett thinks the joke's on her -- how dare this stranger, who obviously doesn't have a romantic bone in his (irritatingly sexy) body, threaten to close down her business? She can deal with morning sickness and swollen ankles -- so she'll take this pain-in-the-backside billionaire in her stride!

Parker's encountered some tough cookies, but in this pregnant firecracker, he's met his match....

Very good book.  I liked both Parker and Daisy.  Parker was obviously uncomfortable at first, since he didn't believe in love.  He also wanted to find out about this aunt he knew nothing about, in case there were bad things about her that could hurt his company.  Daisy was very good at what she did, and felt responsible also for the other three people with her.  She didn't purposely set out to change Parker's attitude, but just by being herself he learned to relax and have fun.  I loved the way she helped him with the spa, and how he helped her at a couple of the weddings.  His commercials for the spa, after he left Las Vegas, showed just how much of an influence she had on him.  I loved her arrival in Boston and the effect she had on his board members/family.

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