Saturday, August 4, 2012

Taming the Brooding Cattleman - Marion Lennox (HR #4334 - Sept 2012)

Series: Larkville Legacy (Book 3) 

Alexandra Patterson swaps city chic for the dusty outback when she arrives at Werrara Stud Ranch. As the new vet, she may be more used to pampered puppies than prized stallions, but Alex is determined to show that she can cut it.…

Brooding rancher Jack Connor is in for a shock -- the women in his life have only ever caused him pain and anguish…and Alexandra was supposed to be Alexander. Instead, the person before him is a petite blonde with a pink suitcase and is distractingly, infuriatingly attractive! 

Good book.  Alex had left New York for this job in Australia.  She wants to work with horses and no one at home will give her a chance because she's small, blond and female.  She gets a rude awakening when she arrives, as the ranch is a mess and the owner thought she was a man.  He doesn't want a female there, but when an emergency comes up he has to admit she knows what she's doing.  Jack is a loner.  He keeps himself emotionally closed off as caring has only brought him pain and he's done with that.   But Alex can't let that go on.  There's a family nearby that's in distress and Alex forces him to take action.  The young boy idolizes Jack, even though Jack refuses to pay him any attention because that's just one more step toward caring.  Alex just keeps chipping away at Jack's isolation.  They have intense attraction to each other and Alex tells Jack that they can enjoy it for the rest of her time there, no strings.  That intent starts to disappear pretty quickly on her part, and she finds herself dreaming of what might be.  Jack still refuses to let himself care, and things start to fall apart.  A near tragedy finally shows Jack that he already cares and that he can't let his fears of what might happen stop him from living.  Alex is the sister of Ellie (from Book 2 Slow Dance with the Sheriff) and we learn a little more of the back story of this series.

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