Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mr. Right, Next Door! - Barbara Wallace (HR #4335 - Sept 2012)

When financial executive Sophie Messina's weekend is disrupted by a DIY-loving neighbor, she's fuming and marches upstairs to complain. But her reaction to gorgeous Grant Templeton shocks her. The man is pure temptation!

The pretty workaholic throws ex-architect Grant off balance just as much -- he doesn't know where Sophie's burning ambition comes from, but he knows exactly how destructive it can be. His mantra these days is Live for the moment…and he can tell that if he persuades Sophie to let loose, the moments they'll share will be unforgettable…. 

Okay book.  Sophie is a driven, career focused woman.  She is also a workaholic who even works at home on the weekends.  Her weekends lately have been disrupted by her neighbor's renovation work and she's finally had enough.  When she goes upstairs to complain she is stunned by the gorgeous guy that he is.  He is also very laid back and ten years younger than she is.  Grant was once as driven as she is, but a tragedy forced him to reevaluate his life.  Now he makes sure to have balance in his life and has given up the high pressure life he had before to do the historic renovation work that he loves.  He wants to help Sophie see that there is more to life than her master plan.  He lures her out of her apartment to do some fun things with him.  He also feels the same attraction to her, but the age difference doesn't bother him.  He knows that if he can get her to relax they'll be great together.  I liked Sophie okay, but her tunnel vision regarding her job, her master plan, and the age difference bugged me.  I know it was necessary for the story, but I had a hard time feeling any real empathy with her.  I liked Grant a little better.  His attitude was a little overboard the other way because of the guilt he felt over his friend.  I did like the way that he was trying to help Sophie, and I did like the way things worked out in the end.

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