Saturday, August 11, 2012

Copy That - HelenKay Dimon (HI #1369 - Aug 2012)

Returning from his latest Border Patrol assignment, Jeremy Hill seeks sanctuary in his twin brother's home. The last thing he expects to find is an armed man already inside, or Meredith Samms, a gorgeous tenant caught in the cross fire. Then he discovers that the gunman's attack is meant for his twin brother, who is nowhere in sight, and Jeremy must take matters into his own hands. Searching for his brother while trying to protect this girl next door, Jeremy finds himself caught up in the danger he'd become all too familiar with. In his world, everyone's a target and anyone can be a suspect, so Jeremy has no room for emotions. But what Meredith stirs within him may complicate this unexpected mission to the point of no return…. 

Very good book.  Jeremy saves Meredith and then they go looking for his brother Garrett.  They are attacked again just before they find him.  With Garrett's help and that of his team and fiancee, they work to get away from the killer.  But it seems that no matter what they do, the bad guys find them.  They realize that there is a bad guy on the inside and must work to find out who it is, and stop the man behind him.  I liked Meredith a lot.  Because of her past, she has become strong in heart and able to defend herself.  She had a problem with an abuser and has overcome that, but is still cautious around men.  She immediately trusted Jeremy and saw the honorable man under the surface.  I really liked the way that she saw some things more clearly than he did.  I also loved the way that she saw the strength in Sara that all the guys were sure wasn't there.  Jeremy was living with guilt from not being able to protect another woman, This makes him over protective where Meredith is concerned.  I loved the way that Sara and Meredith quickly became friends and commiserated over the cluelessness of the Hill men.  There were some really great parts where the guys were being truly idiotic and the women were trying not to strangle them.  I loved the way they worked everything out at the end.

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