Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Seeking Shelter - Angel Smits (HS #1805 - Sept 2012)

For Amy Grey, home has always been Rattlesnake Bend, Arizona, population 423. It's a safe place to raise her daughter, Katie. Then free spirit Jace Holmes rides his motorcycle down Main Street, rumbling through Amy's carefully ordered life with news about the father she never knew and stirring up questions about her family's past. The best thing for all would be if Jace kept on riding.

Too bad Katie immediately tags Jace as a potential daddy. Sure, there's no denying the attraction between Amy and Jace, but her life is here and his, well, isn't. Yet the longer Jace is in town, the more her visions of tomorrow match Katie's. But can Amy open herself up again? Because opening herself to change is the one way to convince Jace to stay. 

Very good book.  Jace came to town to tell Amy about the father she didn't remember.  All she knows is that he left her and her mother.  After her mother's death, she was raised by a friend.  All she wants to do is raise her own daughter in a safe place.  But Katie has taken a liking to Jace and is campaigning for him to become her daddy.  And Jace isn't running too fast from the idea.  He had stuck around to see if there was anything he could do to make Amy's life better.  The more time they are together the more they develop feelings for each other.  I liked both Amy and Jace.  Amy was doing her best to give her daughter a safe and stable life.  She liked Rattlesnake Bend because it was small and everyone watched out for each other.  She did have trust issues because of Katie's father, and had not dated much because of it.  She did come to trust Jace very quickly which added to her developing feelings for him.  She also couldn't resist the way he was so wonderful with Katie.  Jace had some issues of his own.  He had met Amy's father when they were both living on the streets, after he had left home at sixteen.  Thanks to Mac, he was reconciled with his brother.  He has developed problems with claustrophobia thanks to both his father and brother having been in mine cave-ins.  He is also a very honorable man, which is what brought him to Rattlesnake Bend to see Amy.  I loved the way that he worked to find a way to help her without hurting her pride.  He was also there for her when she confronted the demons of her past, and stood ready to help her however she needed.  The biggest thing he did was to overcome his fears to rescue Katie from the old mine.  I really liked all the townspeople - there were some good characters there that helped make it come alive.

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