Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Company You Keep - Tracy Kelleher (HS #1792 - July 2012)

Series: School Ties (Book 3) 

Running slam-dunk into Vic Golinski at her college reunion leaves Mimi Lodge with a lot of questions. Back in the day, they were Grantham University's star athletes and polar opposites. If she said left, he said right. If he said hot, she said cold. All of that opposition had an unexpected consequence: a heated attraction….

So will she and Vic still clash like the fiercely competitive jocks they once were? Life might have softened their beliefs, but clearly that incredible chemistry is still there. As the reunion unfolds, every meeting is a study in grown-up lust -- and restraint -- as they decide where these exhilarating feelings are taking them. 

Good book.  I really enjoyed the way that Vic and Mimi teased each other once they got past their actions when they were in school.  I really liked the way that Vic was sensitive to Mimi's nervousness in crowds and in cars.  He did a terrific job of helping her through when things got to be too much.  Mimi was very independent and really didn't like not being able to do the things she used to do. Vic had his own issues to deal with, mostly being his extreme feeling of being responsible for everything going right with his family.  It led to him not being able to think of things like having fun.  Mimi was good for him in that way, since she tended to be rather impulsive.  Both she and Vic discovered that they were attracted to each other and were enjoying getting to know each other as adults. Vic was worried about the fact that it was Mimi's dad who got him to Reunions and that Vic had also put in a bid on a job for her dad's company.  He was afraid that Mimi would think that was the reason he was hanging out with her.  There was a lot of relationship stress in Mimi's family, mostly due to her dad's attitudes and inability to relate to his kids. There was a side story involving Mimi's brother that I hope means that he will have his own story soon. I also loved the way that Vic's dog Roxie was such an important part of the story.   

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