Monday, May 21, 2012

Montana Doctor - Ann Roth (HAR #1408 - June 2012)

Series: Saddlers Prairie (Book 2) 

To Mark Engle, it's simple. There's Los Angeles -- success, money, excitement -- and there's Montana. So when he finds himself stuck playing small-town M.D., Mark is less than pleased. The only appeal is clinic receptionist Stacy Andrews, a big-city escapee in love with Saddlers Prairie and its neighbors-are-family feel. Too bad rural and close-knit are exactly what Mark's looking to evade.

Stacy knows Mark's type too well. A career-driven man like that would never put a tiny community -- much less a wife and family -- first. So why is she hoping he'll stay? No one can overlook the chemistry between the pair, and soon the whole town conspires to push them together. But it'll take more than matchmaking for Mark to change his life plan, even if his heart truly belongs in Montana. 

Good book.  I really liked Stacy and the way she was so happy there.  She had come to Saddler's Prairie for the job and realized that it was just the life she wanted.  There was fresh air, people she liked and the chance to put down roots.  When Mark got talked into filling in as doctor, he wasn't happy.  He had a good job waiting for him in LA, that fit in with his plan to have everything he had wanted while he was growing up.  He found himself very attracted to Stacy, but knew he should do nothing about it since he wouldn't be staying.  I really liked the way that he fit right in with the town and his patients.  He had the perfect way of dealing with each one, and even though he wouldn't admit it, he was happy there.  I liked the way that Stacy refused to pressure him, but had no problem calling him on what she thought was behind his motivations.

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