Saturday, June 30, 2012

For Just Cause - Kara Lennox (HS #1779 - May 2012)

Series: Project Justice (Book 5) 

Guilt. Innocence. Psychologist and body-language expert Claudia Ellison can sense them both, which is why she's so good at her job. Unfortunately, even the innocent are convicted and this time Claudia's partially to blame. To help free a wrongfully imprisoned woman, she teams up with Project Justice investigator Billy Cantu, the one man she can't read.

They must track down the truth before someone gets hurt. And to do that, they need to trust each other. Only, the ex-undercover cop has secrets he wants to keep, and to Claudia, not knowing everything is not an option. But some things aren't meant to be shared. Because once they are revealed, they can never be taken back. 

Good book.   Claudia feels guilty because some of her testimony sent an innocent woman to prison.  She goes to Billy for help on the case.  Billy doesn't believe in the science of body language, but he does admit that she gets results.  In his former work as an undercover cop, Billy got very good at hiding his emotions and reactions.  Thanks to her past as a foster child, Claudia got very good at reading body language and expressions, and doesn't really feel safe unless she completely understands the person she's with.  She knows Billy is hiding something and really wants him to trust her with it.  As they work together to solve the mystery they learn more about each other.  They also learn that they work together very well, which helps their trust issues.  Both Claudia and Billy learned a lot about themselves.  Claudia finally accepts that she can get close to and trust people without having to know all their secrets.  Billy learns that he can tell Claudia about his past without driving her away.  Overall, I enjoyed the book, though I have to say that Claudia's ability was a little creepy to me.  I understand its usefulness, but using it outside her profession seemed to be pushing unethical to me.

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