Sunday, June 17, 2012

Under Fire - Catherine Mann (Sourcebooks - May 2012)

Series: Elite Forces (Book 3) 

No Holds Barred, In Love or War...

A decorated hero, pararescueman Liam McCabe lives to serve. Six months ago, her and Rachel Flores met in the horrific aftermath of an earthquake in the Bahamas. They were tempted by an explosive attraction, but then they parted ways. Still, Liam has thought about Rachel every day -- and night -- since. 

Now, after ignoring all his phone calls for six month, Rachel has turned up on base with a wild story about a high-ranking military traitor. She claims no one but Liam can help her -- and she won't trust anyone else.

With nothing but her word and the testimony of a discharged military cop to go on, Liam would be insane to risk his career -- even his life -- to help a woman who left him in the dust. 

Very good book.  Liam and Rachel had met and worked together in the Bahamas after an earthquake.  She was attracted to him, but he had been married three times and she didn't feel he was able to commit.  After returning home she was burned out on her rescue work and switched to working with therapy dogs and PTSD veterans.  Liam tried to contact her, but she ignored his calls.  Then Brandon, one of the veterans she worked with, told her of a high-ranking officer who was planning to give military secrets to the enemy.  After trying unsuccessfully to get someone to listen to them, she went to Liam for help.  He was skeptical until several attempts were made on her life, at which point he went to his team and they started trying to find out what was happening.  I always liked both Liam and Rachel.  Rachel was cautious about getting involved, since she had suffered so much loss already, but she couldn't deny her attraction to Liam.  Liam hadn't been able to forget Rachel, but after three marriages he figured that a family wasn't in his future.  As they spent more time together, I loved the way they learned about each other.  Rachel discovered that Liam had been searching for love, but had simply picked poorly. He also feels that he is too old to continue doing his job and plans to retire soon. Liam learned that Rachel is even stronger than he had realized. Both of them show their vulnerabilities, and each is able to see the other for who they really are. There is also a secondary romance involving Brandon and the dog-sitter he and Rachel use.  I love the way that Catriona stays calm and helps him through his PTSD episodes.  The suspense itself is excellent, as the story moves along and the official is revealed and we try to figure out who is working for him, against him and who knows what is going on.  The final stages of taking the bad guy down were fantastic, and also showed Liam that he still had a lot to give.  I loved the way that Rachel also didn't let Liam get away with trying to protect her from his issues.  Overall a fantastic book.

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