Monday, June 4, 2012

The Renegade Cowboy Returns - Tina Leonard (HAR #1411 - July 2012)

Series: Callahan Cowboys (Book 7) 

"If You're Selling Something, I'm Not Buying, Cowboy."
They weren't the warmest words of welcome for Gage Phillips, who's just been named overseer of Dark Diablo ranch. On top of that, the Texas rover recently found out he's a father. The last thing he needs is a woman ordering him around, not to mention driving him crazy with desire…especially now that he's thinking about mending his footloose ways.

Ireland seems a long way from Chelsea's new life on the Callahans' New Mexico spread—which now includes a teenage girl and her father: a raffish Texas cowboy with a slow, easy grin who's throwing temptation squarely in Chelsea's path!

But a proposal? Gage surprises even himself with that one. It's strictly business—so Chelsea can get her citizenship. Or maybe not. Because as far as Gage is concerned she's already hooked one ready and willing renegade! 

I really liked this book.  Chelsea is the girl who posed as Jonas Callahan's fiancee when he came back from Ireland.  Now she's living at Dark Diablo with her mother and trying to finish her latest book.  She isn't really interested in getting involved with a footloose cowboy, even though she is definitely attracted to him.  Gage has come to Dark Diablo to oversee the renovations that Jonas wants done.  He also has his 13 year old daughter with him, so Gage and she can get to know each other.  He feels an immediate attraction to Chelsea, but has no desire to try marriage again.  I loved the way that Gage was trying to be a dad to Cat, but was completely confused by her.  I really enjoyed the way that Chelsea's mom knew just how to deal with her, and the way that she helped Cat with her relationship with Gage and other people.  I really liked the way that Gage and Chelsea started out sniping at each other, but when they gave each other a chance, found that they had more in common than they thought.  I found the relationship that Gage had with his siblings to be very interesting, and loved the way that he ran his life the way that he wanted to.  I loved Gage's proposal to Chelsea at the end - definitely a "go big" moment.  I'm looking forward to reading Shaman's story next.

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