Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Cattle King's Bride - Margaret Way (HR #4303 - Apr 2012)

Series: Langdon Dynasty (Book 1) 

The last person Mel Norton expects to see on her doorstep is James "Dev" Langdon. His killer smile makes Mel's heart flutter uncontrollably once more...though she's vowed never to fall for him again.

Dev has returned to take his childhood sweetheart back to his family home -- Kooraki Station -- for only there can she finally lay her demons to rest....

In the heart of the sweltering Australian outback, Mel's guarded exterior begins to crumble....

I liked Dev.  He loved Mel and wanted to marry her.  He was incredibly patient with her. Mel had major issues thanks to her mother's position as "housekeeper" (mistress) to Dev's grandfather.  The mother was also a first class bitch and pathological liar.  I understood Mel's issues, but I just didn't like her.  I was glad to see everything work out at the end.  I hope the next book is better.

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