Monday, April 23, 2012

The Cowboy - Jayne Ann Krentz (HT #302 - June 1990)

Series: Ladies and Legends (Book 3) 

High noon drama was cowboy fare

Romance writer Margaret Lark knew all about tough cowboys in pin-striped suits: they were the heroes in her books. She wouldn't admit fantasizing about that type of man, though, much less acknowledge the fact that she'd walked out on one not long ago. But corporate executive Rafe Cassidy was quick to refresh her memory.

 Rafe had power, money, sex appeal aplenty. Losing a major deal and Margaret in one stroke had riled him. It was time for a showdown. Time to show her what stuff real cowboys were made of .... 

Good book.  Rafe was definitely an alpha male.  When he and Margaret split the year before, he spent the first six months being angry, then the next setting up a way to get her back.  Margaret had been angered and hurt by what she saw as Rafe's using her as a pawn in a business deal.  She did her best to forget about him.  When he showed up at her apartment to lure her back, she had no intention of agreeing.  Then he told her what was waiting at his ranch and she had to agree.  She realized on her first day there that she still loved him, and he swore that he loved her and had changed from the business first jerk he had been.  She wasn't sure she believed him but decided to give him a chance to prove it.  I enjoyed watching Margaret and Rafe as they actually got to know each other.  There was another great scene with Margaret and Rafe and his sister and her fiance that had me laughing at Rafe's reactions.  I also really liked the final showdown with the original opponent from the beginning of the book.

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