Thursday, April 12, 2012

Courted by the Texas Millionaire - Crystal Green (HSE #2188 - May 2012)

Series: St Valentine Texas (Book 1) 

Violet never saw it coming. Davis Jackson. Her secret high school sweetheart. The rich boy who risked everything to be with her. The carefree bachelor she thought would never settle down. Pursuing her as if she was the last woman on earth. Suddenly, chasing down a story didn't seem as important as a second chance with Davis. If Violet was willing to stick around long enough to see where it would take them…

Davis Jackson couldn't believe his eyes. Violet Osborne. Here. Now. Back in their sleepy hometown. The off-limits miner's daughter had been the love of his life until she went after her big-city dreams, leaving behind one broken-hearted cowboy. But when that old Texas magic started heating up between them, the millionaire playboy made a vow: the girl who got away wasn't getting away again…. 

Good book.  Violet viewed her return as something she had to endure until she got another job and could leave.  When she met Davis again she felt the attraction all over again.  Davis couldn't believe she was back and viewed it as a chance to make her want to stay this time.  Violet tried to keep it just friends since she was sure she would leave again.  But she could see the heat in his eyes and knew it would be impossible to go if she gave in.  I liked Davis, but he still seemed to have issues dealing with the differences between the miners and families and the townies.  It took him awhile to overcome these.  Violet had to overcome her desires to run back to the city and see the town for the home it really was.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of the mystery surrounding the town's founder.

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