Sunday, April 15, 2012

Destiny - Carly Phillips (Berkley - Jan 2012)

Series: Serendipity (Book 2) 

Nash Barron may be cynical about love, yet even he likes a good wedding. But the only good thing about his brother’s wedding is Kelly Moss. Nash can’t help but admire her confidence and beauty, but he’s forced to keep his distance because getting involved with Kelly could destroy his relationship with his newly discovered half sister, Tess…

Kelly came to Serendipity to give Tess - "her half sibling as well, thanks to an illicit affair - "a second chance at life. She learned long ago not to rely on anyone but herself. Besides, she doesn’t want to upset Tess’s life by pushing for a fling with Nash. Except the more she gets to know him, the more vulnerable she becomes to the kindness beneath his gruff exterior, and the less she’s able to stay away. But she has other reasons for keeping her distance. Like the secret from her past she knows Nash will never forgive…

Very good book.  Now that Ethan and Faith are settled, and Tess is living with them, life is starting to settle out for Kelly.  She has a good job in town and can see Tess as often as she can.  At the wedding she and Nash give in to a moment of passion, but then decide that they can't pursue it because it could mess with Tess's newfound life.  However, they find that they just can't stay away from each other.  Besides dealing with their own feeling, both have other issues to deal with.  Nash is dealing with finding that Ethan isn't as bad as he'd believed all these years.  He has a shock about his younger brother, who he'd always felt closer to, and finding out that maybe he was a bit more rigid than he thought he was.  Kelly is dealing with issues from her ex-boyfriend, her mother, and realizing that Nash has begun to mean more to her than just a fling.  She has been trying to find a way to tell Nash about her past, but is afraid of him judging her and walking away.  Nash can't believe the things he has told Kelly that he hasn't shared with anyone else, and slowly realizes that he cares for her a lot.  The showdown at the end breaks open a whole bunch of things on both sides, eventually opening both ups to the realization that they're in love.  I also loved the side story of Annie and Joe.

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