Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Protecting Her Son - Joan Kilby (HS #1772 - Apr 2012)

Series: Count on a Cop 

Paula Drummond is finally back on a police force. And with so much at stake -- she's a single mom atoning for an almost career-ending mistake -- she's not risking anything but stellar performance. That means, regardless of whatever attraction is brewing between her and her partner, Officer Riley Henning, she will not get involved.

Still, working side by side with a man as hot as Riley and not giving in to temptation isn't easy. Especially when he goes above and beyond to help keep her son safe. With all that evidence piling up, it seems as though her partner on the job is destined to become her partner in bed...and maybe even in life. 

I really liked this book.  There was a good balance between the romance and the tension of the danger around her son's father.   I liked Paula's determination to overcome her past and get back to what she did best - be a police detective.  When she was paired with Riley, she could feel an instant attraction, as could he.  She was also determined to do nothing about it that would risk getting into trouble again.  When Nick started pestering her to have access to her son, she was worried.  She was also sure that he was behind the appearance of drugs in her town.  I liked the way that Riley related so well to her son.  I also liked his protectiveness toward Paula, even in the face of his own issues.  I liked the way the book dealt with his PTSD, that it wasn't easily cured but could be treated.  I also liked that Paula wanted to help him.  Overall, an excellent read.

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