Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Midwife Cover - Cassie Miles (HI #1343 - Apr 2012)

FBI agent Brady Masters thought his mission to infiltrate the Lost Lamb Ranch and take down a human trafficking scheme was about to end, but it was only just beginning.... Now he needed the help of Petra Jamison, a gorgeous free spirit who had dropped out of the FBI to become a midwife. Going undercover with her as a married couple, Brady soon discovered he liked being her partner -- in more ways than one. When they learned their identities had been compromised, Brady was ordered to end this assignment and walk away from his "wife." Obeying a command was part of the job. But denying his feelings made by-the-book Brady question his future. 

Good book, but the blurb isn't quite correct.  I don't recall their identities being compromised or Brady being told to walk away.  When Brady and Petra first met, it was obvious they were complete opposites.  Brady is a by-the-book, gotta have a plan kind of guy.  Petra left the FBI over their rigid rules and became a midwife.  She is more of a touchy-feely, heavy into New Age feelings.  Brady asked Petra to assist him in going undercover at a home for unwed mothers that is a suspected site for human traffickers.  Brady didn't think that they would be able to work that well together, but she surprised him.  I liked the way they were able to balance each other.  I also enjoyed seeing Brady's artistic side, and also how he was open to Petra's spirituality.

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