Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Always the Best Man - Fiona Harper (HR #4330 - Aug 2012)

Standing at the altar, Damien is breathless as the woman he loves walks toward him—to marry another man. Knowing bridesmaid Zoe's watching him makes it harder still. The opposite of the bride, Zoe's too loud, too vibrant, too…everything! 

Zoe can't resist provoking him—just once, she'd like to see "Mr. Perfect" lose his cool. She can tell there are fireworks smoldering behind those pale blue eyes. 

But before the wedding night is over, their unexpected connection will threaten to undermine everything they both believe about themselves and each other…. 

Very good book.  The book opens with Damien watching his best friend marry the woman he is in love with.  He has been very careful not to let even a hint of his feelings show to anyone, but he is understandably very tense at the wedding.  Also at the wedding is the maid of honor, a woman that irritates Damien to no end.  She is far too extreme a personality for him to be comfortable around.  He is calm and always has a plan, and Zoe is impulsive and outspoken.  When she starts pushing his buttons, he kisses her to shut her up and is stunned by their chemistry.  The next day he finds her on his friend's sailboat - after he has already taken it out of port.  They come to an agreement to share the boat for the next two weeks, and slowly find themselves learning more about each other.  Not only learning, but actually liking each other.  Damien learns how to let go of his control a little, after she makes him realize that it has been a reaction to his father's actions.  Zoe has always been self-conscious about herself, due to her own family life and the actions taken by people around her.  Damien teaches her that it is okay to be herself, and the first thing about getting other people to like her is to like herself.  Pretty soon they realize that they are developing feelings for each other that they never expected, and honestly didn't see a future in.  When Zoe finds out about Damien's feelings for her friend, she feels betrayed, and leaves for home.  I loved the way that they ended up having to actually work at repairing their relationship, that it wasn't just fixed in a quick and easy way.  Damien's proposal at the end was so wonderfully done that it was just perfect for them.

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