Monday, July 9, 2012

Little Matchmakers - Jennifer Greene (HSE #2202 - July 2012)

Series: MacKinnon (Book 1)

They were single parents who believed they were giving their sons all they could ever need. But a meeting with their boys' teacher had Tucker MacKinnon and Garnet Cattrell realizing what they really needed was each other. Since Tucker's boy craved a woman's influence and Garnet's son would benefit from some outside experiences, a trade seemed to be the perfect solution. So one day a week they'd swap kids. And maybe just see one another in passing. This was just for the boys' sakes, of course. 

But when two intelligent kids decide they want to be brothers, heaven help the parents who didn't see this plan coming. Because a couple of little matchmakers were about to launch Project One Big Happy Family. 

Very good book.  I really liked both Tucker and Garnet.  Both were single parents who were doing their best to raise their boys.  Garnet's son was somewhat introverted and into reading, computers and taking care of his mom.  Tucker's son was tall for his age, athletic, and awkward around girls.  So Tucker and Garnet decided they would swap off parenting duties a couple times a week, exposing each boy to things they weren't getting at home.  What they didn't count on was the attraction they felt for each other.  And then the boys got into the act, deciding that they would really like for their parents to get together.  Tucker was a really nice guy who seemed to see immediately that he could have a great life if Garnet and her son were part of it.  Garnet was a harder sell, as she had some self-esteem issues.  Her mother and sisters were always ragging on her about her choices, plus she never felt as beautiful as they are.  I really liked the way that Tucker liked Garnet for who she was and saw past her insecurities.  I also loved the two boys and the things they got up to.

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