Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Mighty Quinns: Dermot - Kate Hoffmann (HB #702 - Aug 2012)

Series: The Mighty Quinns (Book 18) 

Salesman Dermot Quinn plays the smooth charmer to perfection. But when his grandfather issues a challenge to his grandsons—start a new life with next to nothing—Dermot finds himself on the doorstep of a Wisconsin farm. And now he's face-to-face with a woman who makes him lose every bit of his cool! 

Farm owner Rachel Howe once had her own dreams. Now she's faced with ruin and losing the family business. On the surface, Dermot looks like he could be the answer to her problems, not to mention her empty bed and lonely nights.

But six weeks doesn't seem so long when you find the love of your life…. 

I loved this book.  Dermot's grandfather sent he and his three brothers out on their own to experience life outside their boatbuilding business.  Dermot ended up in Mapleton, WI, helping out at a goat dairy.  He showed up looking for a job just when Rachel needed some help to keep things going.  At first she didn't think Dermot was serious about the job.  He was obviously well-off and certainly didn't need a job that only paid a small amount.  But she was immediately attracted to him and took a chance.  They quickly acted on that attraction and found themselves in a relationship that was more intense than they expected.  Dermot also discovered that he was enjoying his time on the farm.  He began to wonder if he wanted to go back to Seattle, or to remain with Rachel.  Meanwhile, Rachel was trying to come to some decisions of her own.  She had promised her father she would keep the farm going, but it wasn't really what she wanted to do.  Both Dermot and Rachel had inner conflicts about where their relationship was going. Then her sister's marriage fell apart and she sent her teenage sons to Rachel for awhile to get them away from the stress.  Rachel was worried about trying to be a parent to them and Dermot was able to help her with that. The boys took to the life, and then their mother came to the farm also and offered to help run it, freeing Rachel to follow her dreams.  I loved the way that Dermot and Rachel stayed in touch after he went home and they began to get to know more about each other.  It made the conclusion of the story even more satisfying.  I'm looking forward to the other books.

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