Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Baby on the Ranch - Marie Ferrarella (HAR #1410 - July 2012)

Series: Forever TX (Book 5) 

Real Love Is Worth The Wait

When Kasey Stonestreet's husband walked out on her and their newborn son, her best friend, Eli Rodriguez, was her rock. Eli took them in at his Forever, Texas, ranch without hesitation. As a suddenly single mom with nowhere else to go, Kasey expected to feel out of place. Instead, for the first time in her life, she felt as though she was home. 

Eli has secretly loved Kasey since they were kids; he was devastated when she married another man. Now, he's got a second chance at happiness. The woman of his dreams, and the family he always wanted, are in his reach. But if he reveals his true feelings, it could ruin their friendship, and he'd lose Kasey forever. How long can Eli and Kasey go on pretending to each other-and to themselves-that they're still just friends? And what will happen when Kasey's husband returns? 

Very good book.  I loved the way that Eli was always there for Kasey.  They had always been friends, but Eli had loved her as more than a friend also.  Eli was the one that Kasey called when she went into labor and her husband was nowhere to be found.  He was also there when the baby was born.  When her husband asked Eli to take care of Kasey because he was leaving and had lost his ranch in a poker game, Eli stepped right up.  Eli's love for Kasey was obvious in everything he did.  He was very careful not to blurt out his feelings because he didn't know how she felt and didn't want to make her uncomfortable or want to leave. Kasey couldn't believe that she was deserted and homeless.  Hollis hadn't been a good husband, but she had never expected this.  She felt like she was taking advantage of Eli's friendship, but she had nowhere else to go.  As the days went by, she discovered she was happy with Eli, and that those feelings of friendship were growing into something stronger.  Eli made her feel safe and cared for.  When she discovered that there was passion there too, she couldn't believe her luck.  I loved the way that her feelings for Eli got stronger as time passed, and that she was able to realize that what she felt for him was true love.  The scene at Alma's wedding was great, and I loved the way Hollis was dealt with.

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